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Together we create better players

Identify high potential players and create a unique collaboration between player, club, school and federation

Team = Together Everybody Achieves More

Developing high potential players is a big challenge. They combine school with collective and individual training sessions in their club and sometimes they play games with their national team. The monitoring of performance and evolution can be shared by the different stakeholders with one common goal: making the individual player better.


Key benefits

Automated call-ups

Send out customized international call-up invitations to clubs and selected players.

Improved communication with the clubs

Share information (schedules, performance data, video,…) and provide player feedback to the clubs to enhance collaboration on player development.

Import third party data

ProSoccerData allows to import data from wearable trackers and other data providers. The combination of all data provides holistic views on player evolution.

Key features

Planning & communication

Get a clear overview on the game and training calendar of your international teams. Share a player's’ training & game data with their respective clubs to improve the relationship between FA and clubs.


Schedule trainings & games. Create sportive reports on training & games to generate interesting player statistics. Create customized call-up invitation letters adapted to the club’s language.


Build up a medical player history database to keep track of players’ physical evolution and biometrics. Create tablet surveys to assess the mental and psychological state of internationals.


Register different performance tests to measure progress on the team’s most important physical parameters.


Assign tasks to your scouting staff and create customized scouting evaluation forms. Build up a scouting database and search using different filters.

Video library

Upload training & game videos to create an educational video database or make video analyses. Share videos with other staff members or clubs.

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