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Diegem Sport

Kristel T.

ProSoccerData optimizes the communication & operations within our club, both sportive & administrative wise

K. Diegem Sport aims to stay the leading youth academy in the Northern Brussels area through an integrated recruiting track for young talents. In 2012, the club was one of the first amateur clubs to use the ProSoccerData system and the relationship has never been stronger before. On the annual ‘Quality in Sports Conference” organised by Foot Pass, K. Diegem Sport won the prize for best national youth academy in 2013. It was awarded a 4-star quality label for their great efforts in developing youth players.

We interviewed Jan DB -club administrator at Diegem Sport - to talk about their experiences with ProSoccerData:

Which functionalities are most frequently used within ProSoccerData?
To us, PSD is primarily a communication tool for players, parents and trainers. The mailing & planning functionalities are vital to the club to guarantee smooth communications. These functionalities are today very common for our trainers. At this moment, we are focusing on integrating the sportive reporting process in our club. When our trainers will be filling out their game reports in a consistent way, we can build up a very detailed database of player profiles. Last but not least, we have integrated the clothing module. For the first time ever, all clothing orders were registered online by the players.

Where lies the added-value of the system according to you?
ProSoccerData’s biggest added-value lies in the fact that all player’s is centralized. It allows us to have access to the most recent update on a player. Once the use of PSD was integrated throughout the whole club, communication went a lot better.

What would advise to clubs adopting PSD?
  1. Before adopting PSD, make sure management and trainers are aligned and are convinced of its benefits. It is important that all trainers use it consistently to get reliable player data.
  2. Make sure the club appoints 2 or 3 club administrators to follow-up the integration of the system amongst staff members. Make sure that everyone in the club knows who to contact to address operational questions.
  3. Rollout the different functionalities step by step. Start with assuring that the communication and planning functionalities are properly used before focusing on match reporting and other functionalities
  4. Make sure trainers only use PSD to communicate with players instead of using classic phone or text calls. Once players are aware that PSD is the place with the latest information, they will also use it in a regular and consistent way.

Why would you advise PSD to other clubs?
PSD is a tool that eases communication between trainers, players and parents. For trainers it allows them more to focus on the sportive side of their job: getting the most out of a player.