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Royal Excelsior Virton

Samuel Petit

PSD generates efficiencies and time gains throughout the whole club

At Royal Excelsior Virton, the youth academy has always has been an important department. In the past years, the club invested significant time and resources on the development of their academy and these efforts will continue in the future. Famous players like Thomas Meunier (PSG) and Renaud Emond (Standard Liege) were formed at this club. Since 2013 RE Virton has been a very active user of the PSD platform. It has provided a lot of valuable feedback to make the platform more suitable for academy environments. Samuel Petit, youth coordinator at the club explains:”We have been using ProSoccerData for several seasons now. In my experience, the system generates a lot of time gains through the centralization of many operational tasks like administrative player follow-up, communication, and calendar scheduling.